Zambezi Queen dinner 2013-05-28

Dancing after a Boma dinner on the Zambezi Queen riverboat
IMG 6824  The chef and helpers explain the Boma dinner IMG 6825 edited IMG 6827 IMG 6828 edited
IMG 6832  Cynthia looked VERY elegant at dinner IMG 6833  I'm sure she wanted to take these place mats home IMAG0187 BURST002 edited  After dinner, the staff members show us how to dance IMG 6837 edited
IMG 6839 edited IMG 6844 edited IMG 6845 IMAG0191 edited  Cynthia tried to get me to dance ... but she is MUCH better at it
IMAG0188 edited IMAG0189 BURST002 edited IMG 6846 IMG 6847 edited
IMG 6848 IMG 6849 IMG 6850 IMG 6851
IMG 6852 IMG 6854